Development of Xeneta's brand visual language and strategy. This company based in Oslo is the leading freight-rate platform and helps companies all around the world to make critical business decisions.
Leading the development of the new brand visual language and strategy of Xeneta in collaboration with Content&Creative.

Building a strong identity showing how Xeneta gathers data to give freight companies actionable insights that help them making critical business decisions.

The visual system is based on data streams that can be used as a representation of the movement of goods, whether it is on the ocean or in the air. Data streams can also be used in a more figurative way to create a recognizable illustration style.
A big part of the project was the redesign of Xeneta's website.
Xeneta Global Summit
In addition to the global brand, Xeneta needed the creation of a logo for a series of annual events called Xeneta Global Summit. This summit consists of two big events happening in Copenhagen and NYC.
Each event had to have its own logo while seating under the Xeneta Global Summit umbrella. The visuals also had to follow Xeneta’s design principles and corporate identity.

Pictures: Xeneta
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